14th March

pt certifications

We’re proud to announce our new sponsor PTCertifications.com will attending our latest online marketing event.

The event which teaches personal trainers how to market themselves online will be held later this month in Europe.

We have long held the beoif that if you want to be succesful in the fitness industry you need a website that will;

  1. Get Traffic
  2. Convert that traffoc into paying clients

The website conversion styrategies we’ll be teaching our personal trainers are the most up to date and cutting edge in the online fitness wesbite marketing world.

PTCertifications.com offer European fitness qualifications at their world class campus in Malta, and show their Maltese students how to become a personal trainer.


27th February
Our upstream providers news server is experiancing problems, and our news server is unable to connect to it to retreive articals. We have informed them of this and we hope that it's fixed asap.

17th February
Our upstream provider's router to the outside world has suffererd a major hardware fault, and as such we have no external internet access at this time. They are working to fix this problem, and services will return asap. We apologise for this outage.

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